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Teeth that are not in proper alignment are not only unattractive. This misalignment can lead to improper forces and stresses on the teeth and jaw, which can lead to fractures and grinding as well as not being able to properly clean the teeth. The premier way to properly align teeth is the use of orthodontics, or placing braces on the teeth. Dr. Abernathy is an Invisalign provider and utilizes this unique method to achieve proper alignment of the teeth.

Invisalign aligners are custom made clear trays that gently and gradually move your teeth to a more ideal position. They treat many different types of cases, including crowding, spacing, deep bite and open bite. They are to be worn on average 22-23 hours per day for optimal results. After taking a series of photographs and impressions, we work with Invisalign to develop the best plan for your specific case as well as an estimate of your time commitment. The cost can vary depending on the length of your treatment. As with any orthodontic treatment, retainers will be required to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original position. You may visit the Invisalign page to view their Frequently Asked Questions www.invisalign.com/frequently-asked-questions or you may contact us today to schedule your Invisalign consultation.

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